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CHEAP EATS: The Corndog Company

Posted at 8:58 AM, Jul 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-13 10:20:44-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Typically, when you think of corndogs you think of carnivals or state fairs. But a Metro food truck is making the deep-fried food available year-round — and it's the only one of its kind in the entire state.

3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole made a stop at The Corndog Company food truck in this week's Cheap Eats.

Summer just isn't summer without having something deep-fried and on a stick.

Just ask Juan Lopez.

"I did not know people loved corn dogs that much - all ages ... little kids, old people - everybody likes corn dogs," Juan smiled.

He first tried these corn dogs from a friend who sold them.

"I was like this is actually good and we started coming there every week," he recalled.

Since then, he bought his own Corndog Company food truck and for the last two years — he's been busy.

"It's been so much fun serving people, especially the kids," Juan shared. "They say 'Oh I've been craving a corn dog but can't wait for the state fair'."

He says these aren't just any corn dogs and customers agree.

"It just happened to me the other day at the farmers market. The guy came and got a big corn dog, bit into it, looked back at me, and said this is the best thing I ever had," Juan laughed.

Juan says his corn dogs are so good because he uses the best hot dogs he can find along with this secret batter.

"Yeah, the magic is in the batter," he admitted.

He made his top seller, the Epic, a foot-long corn dog first. It's hand-dipped then it's deep fried. The dogs take less than five minutes to make.

The next step — may be the best step. He drizzles honey on the corn dogs, then mustard and ketchup.

Juan: And that's the Epic
Serese: The Epic looks Epic!

You can also get fried cheese on a stick.

"This is all mozzarella right," Juan demonstrated.

It's called the Cheese-bomb. There's a smaller version called the Cheese-pop.

Whether you get the Epic, the Mini or the cheesy dogs, take his advice.

"I recommend some honey on it," he said.

For dessert, there are more options: a deep-fried Oreo cookie or a Snickers bar.

"People sometimes get these together," he shared.

Serese: What's the key to eating these corndogs?
Juan: Take a big bite out of it!

When you order at this food truck...

"I don't want people to be out in the heat. So, I give them one of these and they can just go in their car and it's ready - it'll beep," Juan added.

Between the convenience and the goodness, Juan says customers keep coming back.

"You see the smiles on their faces, and they say this is the best corn dog I've had in my life," Juan chuckled.

Juan's goal is to eventually have a brick-and-mortar and three to four food trucks around town. He has two now.

To see where the food trucks will be each week go to their website (, Facebook or Instagram pages. You'll find a weekly calendar of all their stops.

This Thursday Night, July 13, you can find Juan and company at Late Nights at the Zoo.

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